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*    Custom Quilts

For the past 20 years Carole’s Quilts has created some of the most unique and beautiful hand crafted quilts. Often these quilts benefit from our approach to offering new concepts, fresh design and timely completion. View some of these award winning quilts and imagine your quilt ideas with our help.


     Quilt Restoration

Quilts are often passed down from generation to generation and along the way they can get damaged. At Carole’s Quilts we appreciate the value and meaning of these family heirlooms and have become proficient at techniques to restore your cherished family quilts to their original appearance. Take a look at some of the restorations we have completed.


    T-Shirt Quilts

Nothing helps remind you of those cherished moments like a T-Shirt quilt. Reminiscing of rock concerts, the good old college days, triumphant moments and the moments that bring tears to your eyes. Consider a T-Shirt quilt for a graduation gift as a way to remind your son or daughter of all of their great accomplishments. Click T-Shirt Quilts to see some of the special T-Shirt quilts we have created for our customers to help them capture their special moments.

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At Carole's Quilts we take pride in our work and treat every quilt as if it were our own. If you have an idea for a quilt or would like to have a quilt restored please feel free to click here to find the best way to contact us. (703) 505-1046 or