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Hi, Iím Carole.  I live in Burke, Virginia and have been quilting for 20 years.  I started out hand sewing squares together just because I love the look and feel of fabric. That was at the age of 9. I took up serious quilting 20 years ago after taking my first quilting class.  Just think the rotary cutter wasnít even popular yet!  The first few years were taken up making quilts for my 4 grandchildren and 3 children. Now that the grandchildren each have 5 quilts (the oldest grandchild is only 7!), it was time to move on to new things.  I started teaching 10 years ago and enjoyed it immensely. Then one day someone asked me to fix a hole in her grandmaís quilt and that was the start of my business.  I have always loved the look of the old quilts.  I have been collecting fabric at antique shops and stores all over the country and now have a stash that allows me to repair and match most anything.  Over the years I have made hundreds of quilts for customers both repairing their heirlooms and making new ones.


I retired in 2000 as the CFO of a wine importer and distributor and now devote full time to my quilting.



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